Apples Never Fall

By: Liane Moriarty

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Apples Never Fall - #1 New York Times Bestseller

From Liane Moriarty, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Little Lies and Nine Perfect Strangers, comes Apples Never Fall, a novel that looks at marriage, siblings, and how the people we love the most can hurt us the deepest.

The Delaney family love one another dearlyit’s just that sometimes they want to murder each other . . .

If your mother was missing, would you tell the police? Even if the most obvious suspect was your father?

This is the dilemma facing the four grown Delaney siblings.

The Delaneys are fixtures in their community. The parents, Stan and Joy, are the envy of all of their friends. They’re killers on the tennis court, and off it their chemistry is palpable. But after fifty years of marriage, they’ve finally sold their famed tennis academy and are ready to start what should be the golden years of their lives. So why are Stan and Joy so miserable?

The four Delaney children—Amy, Logan, Troy, and Brooke—were tennis stars in their own right, yet as their father will tell you, none of them had what it took to go all the way. But that’s okay, now that they’re all successful grown-ups and there is the wonderful possibility of grandchildren on the horizon.

One night a stranger named Savannah knocks on Stan and Joy’s door, bleeding after a fight with her boyfriend. The Delaneys are more than happy to give her the small kindness she sorely needs. If only that was all she wanted.

Later, when Joy goes missing, and Savannah is nowhere to be found, the police question the one person who remains: Stan. But for someone who claims to be innocent, he, like many spouses, seems to have a lot to hide. Two of the Delaney children think their father is innocent, two are not so sure—but as the two sides square off against each other in perhaps their biggest match ever, all of the Delaneys will start to reexamine their shared family history in a very new light.

Title:Apples Never Fall
Author:Liane Moriarty

    Apples Never Fall Reviews

  • K-stin
    I like Liane’s books as they are easy to slip,into the work when other things are going on around you. I was very engaged in this book and loved it from start to finish. I don’t know what book other reviewers read. I feel like they maybe didn’t really read this one. I liked how details were interwoven and thought that was creative. I liked how the end was a little different than her usual book. I really enjoyed all of it.
    I slogged my way through this book. What is the point of this book? Even to the end, I kept hoping for something, but never found it. I’ll never read another of her over written mish mash of a book.
  • Jojo2731
    Found this book to be slow and boring, anti-climatic.
  • Anabellegoodier
    I was so bored like omf
  • Pollyfarmer
    I loved this book! It is a beautiful rumination on the nature of family love, sibling rivalry and human nature. Each character, no matter what bit part they play, lends depth to the tapestry of humor and insight that Moriarty weaves.
  • Am Book Reader
    A little slow at times, I stopped and started reading this book several times. But it all wraps up nicely. Love the Aussie and tennis tie ins.
  • Debikay45
    I’m so sorry I read this book. Terrible and a waste of my money
  • Zoezoebrt
    I love reading, but this book was so incredibly so long winded. I don’t know if this author was trying to make a certain page count or what, but I was so over the dialogue that had zero point to the story.
  • Shamrock0720
    I adore Liane and have read every book she’s written. She creates real characters who you feel like you know. Her stories are interesting and fun to read. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.
  • AliOsh1800
    I don’t usually enjoy back and forth times lines but this one had to be written that way and it was great. I feel I I knew all the characters mad liked them warts and all. The plot sucked me in but I did not guess where it would turn. A family with grown kids undertakes a deep dive of self reflection into their individual broken personalities during a murder investigation. Very enjoyable!
  • Andrealynnstuartfarris
    I didn’t want it to end
  • Box Diggy
    compelling mystery wrapped up in a delicious story of family life with four children . A telling of cherished memories and the sometimes overwhelming urge to beat those siblings when it came to the parent’s love and attention. All of this overlayed by a story of a marriage both ordinary and extraordinary. A must read.
  • Berna5kids
    Took me for ever to finish. I would stop and read other books because I would lose interest. It was ok at the end but way too wordy and if you don’t like or understand tennis it’s even more annoying.
  • Dullam
    Very interesting story with an intriguing plot twist.
  • Hjlab1
    I was enjoying the slow burn character study of the family as it relates to the mother’s disappearance. But I felt the book could have ended about 10 chapters sooner. And the last chapter twist could have come after the reveal earlier.
  • Jonnadoodle
    I loved her other books, this one dragged on.
  • Rosie Lynn 65
    I was introduced to Liane Moriarty through a book club I joined. I was hooked! Life stepped up it’s pace and I lost time for reading but have now recently retired and this was the first book I chose to get back to what I enjoy most - the telling of a good story. I could not have chosen a better book. She spins the web of the tale like no other and the quick twists and turns lead down a route that fascinates and entertains. Just as you think you’ve figured out the course the direction changes and you are off again trying to grasp how the story will wrap up. This book in particular was brilliant in that you start it thinking it’s about one character when in fact the focus is on a completely different character - one you never suspect. I’ve been and avid reader all of my life and pride myself in my ability to figure out the “who dun it” before the book reveals it. Ms. Moriarty has kept me guessing right up to the reveal in each of her tales - not only do I enjoy the telling of the story - I love the challenge! Anxiously awaiting her next work.
  • TKScrabble
    I really enjoyed this book. It kept My attention after a little slow start, but the characters are developed very nicely so that you feel like you know them. The story is intriguing, interesting, and mysterious with a few surprises-one big one!!
  • Whitmben
    Such a delightful book that only grew in delight as it went on. Long but, in the end, worth it.
  • Deb Nunn
    Absolutely loved this book! I thought it started slow but I savored the read rather than rushing through it.
  • Crewp
    And didn’t miss anything.
  • Cynjune
    Lianne never disappoints
  • Magskm101
    I found myself skimming through large portions. Disappointed.
  • Plutop
    Love this author and her work. This book started out good, looked forward to reading it. Then it was impossible. Every current event in story immediately flopped back to the past. Way too much useless description of characters, tedious. Finally finished and my summary is if you want to read this author go back to old books because this was bad!
  • Smeyer19
    The story just rambles on, almost incoherently near the end.
  • Sara Joelle
    In true Liane Moriarty fashion, this book was a page turner that left me wanting to spend every free second reading, waiting for the truth to be uncovered with an inevitable twist that really makes you think.