Betting Systems for all Major Sports

By: Ken Osterman

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Betting Systems for all Major Sports - This book contains systems and angles for all four of the major sports in the United States. Professional football, basketball, hockey and baseball are all covered. In addition, college basketball and college football are covered. Some of these are easy to use angles, but others are more complex systems that form a strong foundation for sports handicapping that can be improved upon by smart handicappers.

These systems are The Quick Line Method (NFL), The Underdog Advantage (MLB), The Road Dog Method (NHL), The Point Spread Overlay Method (NBA), and The Betting Odds Analysis Methods for college basketball and college football.

These systems have been developed and used successfully by Ken Osterman at race and sports books throughout Las Vegas. The rules for each system are clearly explained, so it is understood why they work. Tips for improving these systems are also provided.

The following is the complete list of angles and systems:

NFL Football - The Injured Star

NFL Football - The Hat Trick

NFL Football – The Quick Line Method

NFL Football – Calculating Over and Under

Baseball - The AAA Surprise

Baseball - The Underdog Advantage

NHL - The Road Dog Method

NBA Basketball - The Point Spread Overlay Method

College Basketball - The Betting Odds Analysis Method

College Football - The Betting Odds Analysis Method

Appendix - Mistakes to Avoid

About the Author

Ken Osterman has been developing systems, methods, and angles for a wide range of gambling games and sports wagering activities for more than 25 years, and successfully applying them at various casinos and sports books. He spends his time writing and playing his favorite systems in casinos and sports books throughout his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Title:Betting Systems for all Major Sports
Author:Ken Osterman