By: Sawyer Bennett

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Riggs - Known as the team loner, Riggs Nadeau gives his all on the ice, but nothing extra off it. A beautiful stranger is about to cause chaos in his very structured world.

As a professional hockey player, people think I live a charmed life. On the surface, I do. But they don’t know the horrors of my childhood, or the real reason that I have custody of my seventeen-year-old sister, Janelle. And that’s exactly the way I like it. They may think I’m a prick because I don’t like to share, but that’s fine. They don’t know me, and they don’t need to.

In an effort to help Janelle get settled in Phoenix and stay out of trouble at school, I set her up with a job at Clarke’s Corner, the local bookstore owned by the girlfriend of a teammate. It’s there that she makes friends with Veronica Woodley, the extremely annoying, arrogant, money-hungry divorcee who I don’t want anywhere near my sister. Janelle insists I’m completely wrong about Veronica, but I refuse to accept that. I have to keep reminding myself that that the gorgeous blond with legs for days is off limits.

Through a series of events, I start to see Veronica for what she really is—an amazing woman who has survived her own hell to come out even stronger. I have to admit, we’re more alike than not and the attraction between us burns hot.

Maybe I was all wrong about my ability to love and commit, but when the past comes back to haunt me, can I be the man that Veronica, and Janelle, deserve?

Author:Sawyer Bennett

    Riggs Reviews

  • LCANana
    This is an excellent book!! I love Riggs and Veronica!!
  • Ashel05
    First. I have waited for Riggs story and it did not disappoint! Loved it. He’s a white knight for his little sister. He may not know how to parent a 17 year old girl but he is gonna give it his best shot. Veronica! Love her heart! She’s a white knight as well. For Janell and Riggs. Loved. This. Cannot wait for Baden!!
  • Mpatane5
    Another great addition to this series. An enemies to lovers storyline with all the feels. All the supporting characters add to this story. I can’t wait to listen to the next one. Narration by Connor Crais and Savannah Peachwood is fantastic.
  • Skatergirl#9
    Love all the guys and their families of the Arizona Vengeance. I have been looking forward to finding out what made Riggs such a loner and this book explains it all in a great way. ❤️❤️ Jill G.
  • Agent$$$$
    I’ve been waiting for what seems like FOREVER for Riggs story. Sawyer Bennett does NOT disappoint! Riggs, a member of the Arizona Vengeance, is considered a loner, despite the many efforts of his teammates to include him in the team activities. The only one who seems to get through to Riggs is Baden. Riggs made it a point to visit Baden frequently during his hospitalization and rehab. They somehow connected and it’s a relationship Riggs values. Riggs wasn’t always so closed off. Once he gained custody of his 17yr old sister, Janelle, he shut himself off from everyone. He didn’t want to put Janelle in a position where she’d have to answer questions—questions that could lead to the truth behind their ugly past…So he makes himself unapproachable to practically everyone, but soon realizes he just may need his teammates, friends in his corner… Veronica, best friend to Clarke, works part time at Clarke’s bookstore. After surviving an abusive relationship, she’s decided to go back to school to finish her degree. Since Janelle is taking over Veronica’s part time position, she’s in charge of training Janelle. When Riggs drops by to pick up Janelle after work, he immediately judges Veronica as “high maintenance” and not necessarily someone he wants influencing his sister. Even though he’s unsure about Veronica, Riggs is forced to put aside his feelings when he needs a favor. What starts off as a hate-hate relationship, quickly turns into a friends with benefits relationship. When Janelle gets into trouble at school, Riggs is out of town with the team. Riggs makes snap judgements, without asking his sister for her side of the story, and pushes Veronica away for good. When trouble comes to town, Veronica puts her life on the line… There are not enough words to adequately convey how this novel draws you in, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you want to smack Riggs upside the head, and makes you cheer from the rafters at the strong woman Janelle is becoming. The chemistry between Riggs and Veronica is SMOKIN! I enjoyed game night, the vomiting of Christmas in Riggs’ apartment, the witty banter, the incredible artistic talent of Janelle, and the crazy monthly family get togethers. Baden and Riggs’ talks—priceless! There are very few novels that I read in one sitting…this is one of those! I highly recommend this novel. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
  • Judy Hartley
    I think everyone who reads this series has been waiting for the elusive Riggs to get his book. And boy what a story it is. His reason for being so aloof is pretty crazy and the fact he is raising his sister just makes him even more noteworthy. And I was so happy to see Veronica as his HEA! Her story is tragic but intriguing because of her monetary situation as well. These two have some major baggage between them but as they get to know each other and become more than just acquaintances you can see how they are perfect for each other. And seeing them work out their pasts to be together makes for a fabulous read!
  • Charlligirl
    Talk about opposites attract. These two are the quintessential opposites. What binds them is Riggs' sister. They both love her and want to protect her and what's best for her. They may not see eye to eye, but when it comes to Janelle, they both agree. Her safety and happiness are top priority. Veronica is one tough cookie. She lets people believe what they want about her and her divorced status, going as far as to make jokes about it. But when it comes down to it, she is hurting inside and needs Janelle to help her heal; just as long as Riggs stays out of her way. Riggs took over custody of Janelle and moved her immediately in with him. He is distant from his teammates by choice because he doesn't want them to know what his family is like and why he has custody of Janelle. Instead of leaning on his teammates, friends and family, he isolates himself. Until Baden steps in and kindly reads him the riot act. I loved seeing Baden giving Riggs some much needed advice. And then watching Riggs try to implement it. It was kind of comical to watch his attempt at socializing with his teammates when before he would never go out with them. Riggs doesn't know how to ask for help, but, in the end, that was exactly what he had to do. He asked Veronica, his teammates and even Dominik for help. And learned that everyone has his back
  • Lbzoza
    Riggs is a little gun shy to make friendly with the team, and also with Veronica. His little sisters coworker. Tensions arise due to the mutual dislike or is that chemistry. I have an instant fondness for both given their love for his sister. That ending was a surprise though.
  • April R H
    Riggs and Veronica are fire, their instant dislike for each other,just adds more sexual tension to an already bumpy start. A slow burn romance that’s heartfelt, entertaining and smoking hot!
  • Srosenthal
    I just finished reading this book and I am still shell shocked. The ending of this book was just wow. If you have been waiting for Baden's book, he is next and we get to see a lot of him in this story as he is pretty much the only one who Riggs talks with in this book about his life and vice versa. If you are a fan of this series, and I am. I have read every single book. The author is really talented and even with book 11, I can't wait to dig into these hot hockey guys. Riggs is hot but he is anti relationships while he is also taking care of his 17 year old half sister, Janelle. If you like grumpy male leads well you will adore him. He is angry and irritated a majority of the time but he also loves his sister fiercely and will do just about anything to make her happy. And thats how Janelle lands up working at a bookstore with Clark and her bestie, Veronica. Veronica is divorced from a rich guy and she loves working at the bookstore. When Janelle is hired, Veronica finds someone who needs a friend and the two become really, good friends. But she does not like Riggs at all and he feels the same way. However they have a lot of passion. So this story is a bit of hate turning to lust and eventually love. I really enjoyed this story and I loved how these two are with each other. I did wish for more romance and dates but I also loved Veronica's family parties and how she brought Janelle along. This book can stand alone, but at different parts you might have a bunch of questions. I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.