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The Culture Code Summary - The Culture Code is a book written by Daniel Coyle. The book is a result of extensive research and study in human psychology and sociology. Before writing it, the author of this book spent a great amount of time studying the best groups of people in numerous fields of life: education, entertainment, military, sport, and even crime. While doing that, the author discovered that each group was successful thanks to three main “ingredients.” This book is where Daniel Coyle explains what these three ingredients are. Therefore, he named them “codes” of our culture. 
The book is divided into three main parts, where each part corresponds one “ingredient” or skill. The first part is called “build safety,” the second is “share vulnerability,” and the third part is called “establish purpose.” Every chapter is used to explain skills and the importance of each of these three ingredients. The author uses numerous examples from real life to explain his discovery. Moreover, every chapter includes inspirational stories of success by groups of people who achieved success in each area. Therefore, The Culture Code will perfectly suit people who need inspiration and knowledge and who want to find success according to these two also very important “ingredients.” 
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Title:The Culture Code Summary