The Wish

By: Nicholas Sparks

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The Wish - With exclusive travel photos and a special letter from the Author, only available for e-readers.

From the author of The Longest Ride and The Return comes a novel about the enduring legacy of first love, and the decisions that haunt us forever.

1996 was the year that changed everything for Maggie Dawes. Sent away at sixteen to live with an aunt she barely knew in Ocracoke, a remote village on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, she could think only of the friends and family she left behind . . . until she met Bryce Trickett, one of the few teenagers on the island. Handsome, genuine, and newly admitted to West Point, Bryce showed her how much there was to love about the wind-swept beach town—and introduced her to photography, a passion that would define the rest of her life.

By 2019, Maggie is a renowned travel photographer. She splits her time between running a successful gallery in New York and photographing remote locations around the world. But this year she is unexpectedly grounded over Christmas, struggling to come to terms with a sobering medical diagnosis. Increasingly dependent on a young assistant, she finds herself becoming close to him.

As they count down the last days of the season together, she begins to tell him the story of another Christmas, decades earlier—and the love that set her on a course she never could have imagined.

Title:The Wish
Author:Nicholas Sparks

    The Wish Reviews

  • Jezig
    Beautiful love story!!
  • Queen Christines Green Machine
    This book…you just need to read it. Soak it in. And cry it out. Per usual Mr. sparks.
  • Flgirl1960
    Nicholas Sparks never disappoints! The Wish was yet another wonderful, heartfelt read💞
  • Mssciencemom
    I admire all of his books, but this was the best.
  • Addiesessoms
    I seriously loved every aspect of this book. I couldn’t put it down and oftentimes fell asleep reading. I am new to reading love novels and finished this within a week. Hoping for a movie!!!
  • SkeetTheMan
    Sparks never ceases to amaze me.
  • Swtchks36
    After a few average books, Nicholas Sparks is back. This book was great. It was a sweet story full of twists and turns with a surprise ending that I kinda saw coming but was incredible nevertheless. If you’re a Sparks fan, it’s a must read.
  • MaddyM92
    A beautifully written story on love and loss. Nicholas Sparks does it again. The story is captivating, heartfelt and real. This one should come with a box of Kleenex One of the best books I’ve ever read. Highly recommend
  • Senette097
    This was a wonderful book it made cry. It had a beautiful twist to it.
  • Cls376
    Fabulous! A different story but it held my attention and that is not easy to do.
  • Arielka(:
    Amazing book
  • Konsernid
    Well written. Engaging story. Would have preferred to not have advertising in the novel, that takes me out of the story, and that bothers me. Hope Duane Reed paid the publisher and author handsomely for all the mentions , and I do not plan to buy another of this authors books. I do not support advertising in novels.
  • Bride Mom
    I couldn’t put the book down.
  • PattyCake68
    So light and clean and spiritually sentimental. No one tells a story better.
  • Jsnyder1987
    Such a beautiful book. Definitely a tear jerker…
  • Dee.Oh.Bee
    Beautifully written and heartfelt story of enduring first love and loss.
  • Bringbacksprint
    I never miss reading your books. This one was beautiful. Thank you
  • Mommacomeback
    Another amazing novel by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoyed this book thoroughly! Great job!!
  • Danii0611
    Beautiful book that brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. Couldn’t recommend this more. This story feels real and personal, and I wish I could read it again for the first time.
  • Karleylovestoread
    Oh Nicholas, you’ve done it again. But truth be told, I cant be mad at you for once again ripping my heart to shreds. Thank you for touching my heart with all the unexpected tender moments that you wrote so well.
  • SoulLessChaos
    I’ve read every single one of his books and this one, was so special. All the thoughts I had earlier on in this book were both right and wrong, so many observations and realizations to the real world, I cried so many times! To think this does happen in real life, any time I read a book I always make a scene in my head like a movie (books are clearly always better) and I just can’t believe how this tale ended. My heart aches in different ways as becoming to the ending figuring it out right before I read it. How this book came about has clearly been meant to make people cry and for hearts to come as one. I’m so glad In my years of reading his books, I started at a young age and he was the first author I started reading, that being said, I cannot wait until his next book, this for sure was one of his bests, I’m glad I ordered it and read it. It was hard at first because all I wanted to do was read one more chapter but work calls, but finally I finished it and OMG I love it. Definitely recommend
  • KaitlinS12
    I bought The Wish by Nicholas Sparks the day it was available in stores. I am so happy that I did. I love his books because they really make you feel. The Wish is an inspiring and heartfelt story. The book definitely tugs at your heartstrings especially the last few chapters so I’d grab a tissue box. It will make you smile and cry. To me, The Wish is about teenage pregnancy, adoption, parental expectations, life, love, friendship, cancer, humor, honesty, generosity and passion. I fell in love with all of the characters. I love the setting and where the story took place. I really didn’t want the book to end because it was that good. This story is one that I will remember and cherish forever. My heart will forever be with Maggie and the love that she had for Bryce. I would have to say that The Wish is by far my favorite right next to The Return and The Longest Ride. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves Nicholas Sparks and his storytelling.
  • Silvertree1954
    Another story that pulled my heartstrings.
  • JBbo0kl0ver
    I anticipated how this was going to end about half way through, there were also events that I didn’t expect. So emotional towards the end. Beautiful story, I loved it.
  • Dlpenni
    Was not expecting this… I could not put down this book I read this book in a day & 1/2Tear jerker. Great read!
  • Deltad46
    This is an absolutely beautiful book. Toward the end I had to put it down several times to wipe my tears and take a deep breath before continuing. This is one of those stories that I’ll not ever forget. Thank you!
  • Cat3589
    I’m on emotion overload! The best Nicholas Sparks book to date. A God gifted talent. ❤️♥️❤️
  • WyosuperT
    Amazingly awesome story!! I truly loved it!!
  • Luwho1996
    Absolutely loved this book, couldn’t put it down.