Until April

By: Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Until April - With happily ever after being something that happens to other people, April Mayson has decided to put all her energy into her career and living her best life, and things are better than ever. 

Little does she know that her world is about to be turned upside down when she's asked to help out a family friend, Maxim Kauwe.

Now, she's dealing with a man unlike any she's ever met before, her ex—a famous musician who's decided he wants her back—and a possible serial killer.

With all the drama suddenly swirling around her, she will have to figure out if she is brave enough to trust Maxim with her heart and maybe even her life.

Title:Until April
Author:Aurora Rose Reynolds

    Until April Reviews

  • SavForrest0803
    This book is my absolute favorite in series. The chokehold this book has on me in UNREAL. April is everything. Maxim is everything. Their stubborn fearless loyalty and her brokenness it’s just everything.
  • Daboss1222
    Total awesome read this family and the crazy drama and love all mixed in with finding their perfect love
  • Kiba Gray
    I’ve been obsessed with this series since I was 17 and I’m still blown away by aurora’s story telling, she makes you feel like you’re there. I’m sad to say I finished it in a day but I’ve re read it about 3 times can’t wait for her next book.
  • Shaniqua Edmunds
    I’ve been waiting for every to read April’s book!! Aurora you did not disappoint!! Loved, loved, loved it!
  • Melissamoreno_
    I was so excited to finally read about April that I started reading it right away when the preorder was available. I felt that the story was so rushed, there was no introduction of any of the characters, no back story. I was very disappointed with this book.
  • Ris77
    I’ve read over 31 of her books and usually love them but this one was super disappointing. I wish that there was more character development before they are just all of a sudden together. I saw lots of rave reviews on this book so I was very excited to finally get it but I struggled to even finish it.
  • Book Snob Sue
    You guys, you guys, you guys….whew, these two. These two first meet when she was 16 & he was eighteen, he was her first kiss, and obviously will be her last. Fast forward and they meet again, when she is going to find him a house…and they just never part after that, like literally she stays with him or he stays with her. He had to go back to Las Vegas for work, he was gone a few days, and then comes back to get her because he missed her so much. Maxim is Kai’s son from the Underground Kings series, just as intense as his father. He does not mess around, like at all. I believe Kenton described him as “intense”, and I think that is an understatement. And he is intense in the sexiest ways. He is a man that knows what he wants, and he gets it. I think we all know what happens now…dibs. Feel like I am being a bit territorial…because I almost inserted my Bitmoji on the cover…lol…maybe later. Relationship goals, I have them and these two are it. Safe read with a dirty talking over the top alpha that will make you wish you were April Mayson too, and of course the sweet and sassy object of his affection. Not gonna lie, I felt like Maxim was right up there with Nico for me. So I assume there’s gonna be a bunch of virtual claimings going on, so a lot of shenanigans for sure. Ya’ll know the Mayson’s are always in the middle of some crazy stuff. This is exactly why the Until series is one of my favorites. You know relationship goals with a side of crazy suspense. Epilogue with a few timelines and a hea for this intensely sexy duo.
  • Kaymendo
    Totally worth the wait. I love this entire series.
  • Ariam Wryte
    Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the story and how it grew!!!